Why is google advertising its search engine?

Search engine advertising also helps increase brand awareness. The higher the ranking of your ad, the more it will be seen. As potential customers become familiar with you over time, they'll recognize you as a relevant and trustworthy company. Google Ads focuses on keywords, the words that users often use when searching for your product.

When advertisers create a Google Ads search campaign, they create an ad with a specific offer and choose a list of keywords to target that are relevant to the offer. When someone performs a Google search (also known as a query), Google will check if any advertisers are bidding on keywords relevant to that search. If there are, the ads will appear in that SERP. Google is constantly modifying, updating and adding new features to its search services to remain relevant, attractive and useful.

The truth is that we, as search marketers, contribute to a self-fulfilling prophecy that prevents many search engines from establishing themselves. My theory is that Google continues to protect its search product (which generates 97 percent of its revenue), especially as the market stops using computers and more and more people search on their phones, where they may not have the same muscle memory to type on Google before each query. The most common type of Google Ads ad is the search ad, which appears on the search engine results page (SERP) for searches related to the advertiser's products and services, but companies also use Google Ads to publish display ads, shopping ads, YouTube ads, and more. Search engine advertising with Google Ads won't automatically make a business successful, but it does offer better visibility and faster profits.

SEO is the practice of working with Google's algorithm and business structure to add value to SERPs and reach search engines. Every second, billions of searches are performed on Google, and most search result pages include Google ads. The ads you use are still chosen by viewers based on keywords, so good research and optimization practices are still beneficial. If, when someone searches on Google, advertisers bid on keywords relevant to the query, Google will enter all the keywords it considers relevant to the auction, one per account.

Advertisers use Google AdWords to identify the keywords they want to be associated with in search results and make offers to have their ads appear at the top of the page. Paid for by companies, Google Ads is an effective way to attract relevant and qualified traffic to your website exactly when users are searching for the types of products or services offered by your company. We can't rule out the failure of these smaller search engines as proof that they were a worse product.

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